Paranormal Feelings

I posted these as comments on a YouTuber’s paranormal post, two different posts about the same incident. I am reposting my comments as a way to start writing something more on this site. I do have an interest in the paranormal but, I’m more skeptical than a believer. I know we don’t know everything, there are so many things science has yet to understand or discover, but… a lot can be explained by simple things too. I don’t rush in to believe either way, I like to observe and make a decision based on facts, more than emotions or crowd mentality. If that makes sense.

Anyway, here is a start to my site about the unexplained, paranormal and supernatural, mostly based in Ontario because that is where I am.

Paranormal things run in my family. My Grandmother was told there were lines of people wanting to talk to her (by a woman who worked as a medium). But, after seeing her recently deceased sister, my Grandmother did not want to experience more of it. She was frightened. The medium told her to just say out loud that she did not want to hear from those people/ spirits/ ghosts. That seemed to work. The only time she had another ghost/ paranormal event was just after her husband died. When I began having some paranormal experiences and that feeling of not being alone, I didn’t like it. So I did the same and that stopped it for me as well. I think it is more than I want to be involved with. I am still interested in the paranormal, beyond ghosts and spirits especially. I’ve never decided if I really believe in ghosts, as people think of them. But, I believe there was something which felt very scary to me as a teenager and young woman. I’m glad I decided not to be more involved in it. I am an atheist witch, in my beliefs. I strongly believe people will find what they look for, whether they like what they find, or not.

I once had a very creepy feeling about my nephew when he was a toddler. I had put him to bed, was lying next to him after telling bedtime stories and having a bit of talking about the moon, stars, just simple relaxing conversation for a little guy. Just waiting for him to fall asleep and then I would go downstairs to do the dishes, etc. Somehow I had a sudden, strong feeling that he was the devil or evil. This is so far from anything I usually feel or have ever felt in my life. I don’t even believe in devils, hell, etc. I’m an atheist Witch and I only believe in people and the planet itself. I was hugely creeped out and it lasted at least 15 minutes until I made myself get up and leave. I never had that come back, the nephew is a grown man now (22 or 23). I still remember how awful and terrible and scary the feeling was. But, I love the boy, looked after him for his early years when my sister went back to school. I can only think the feelings came from me somehow. But, I do understand your feelings about that doll, how strong and strange they can be. I’d be curious about how it is going in Australia too, but not really wanting to know.

Weird, Unexplained and Paranormal Ontario

Paranormal OntarioI began following accounts of the paranormal as a kid, living in small town Ontario. I have never forgotten some of the unexplained mysteries I read then. One, in particular, about a girl in the school yard who is suddenly scooped up into the air and then thrown down. No one could find a reason or a method for this to happen. But, it did happen.

There are many paranormal explorers and researchers in Ontario. Many focus on the ghosts and haunted places. But, there is so much more out there, ghosts seem small in comparison.

One of my favourite paranormal studies are the creatures, like the lake monsters. It doesn’t seem so unreasonable to me that they could be real animals, seldom seen and not at all understood.

Paranormal also includes UFOs and space aliens.

I’d like to find more paranormal groups which don’t have the heavy focus on ghosts, hauntings and that area. I think it’s something that will never be 100% proved because there are so many brilliant fakes and so many ways to mislead yourself or find a perfectly sensible sounding explanation.

Ontario Paranormal Groups, Investigators and Societies

UFO’s in Canada

UFO CanadaI was a Canadian alien, according to the immigration paperwork at the time. (I was a Canadian who married a man in the US). So, I had my time to be an alien – but not a space alien.

Real aliens (from space/ another planet) would be entirely different. I wonder how they would look, what they would eat, do they breathe, have hair, how do they communicate and how they would live their lives. I think about UFO’s and I watch the sky, here and there. It doesn’t seem possible we can be the only life out there with all those other planets.

I haven’t seen a UFO yet. At least not that I’m aware of. What a shame it would be to see something and not really notice. People who make a career or hobby out of UFO spotting would be far better at noticing a UFO than I would. I wonder if I saw something and wrote it off as something ordinary and everyday. I admire logic and intelligence but at times it can blind us too. If we are too critical we won’t give anything a chance and will never believe in anything fully.

Canadian UFOlogy

Ghostly Haunted Ontario

This is mainly a link farm while I work on putting the sites I have found into a web directory on this domain. Haunted Ontario
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Canadian Links:

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Haunted Western Canada


Haunted in Canada

Tis the season for spookiness, creepiness and just plain ordinary hauntedness. So, I started looking for Haunted Canada. Who better to find haunted sites and locations than a Canadian urban explorer? Sure, there probably is someone better, but I’m here.

How to Tell if a Place is Haunted

You might want to try exploring and ghost hunting yourself. But, how do you become an instant expert on the topic of hauntings? Here are some guidelines to get you started.

  • Try a little historical research. What history does the place have? Were there any deaths in the building? Any history of violence or tragedy?
  • Watch for suspicious or odd flashes of light or light orbs in your photos of the location.
  • Do you see anything else unusual like a mist or something that disappears once you turn your head for a better look.
  • Have a map (your own hand drawn map is great) and mark down any odd cold spots or places where you suddenly feel emotional: fear, aggression, anger, etc.
  • Listen for noises – especially anything unusual that can’t be explained in a simple way.
  • Are things different when you are alone, at night? Be careful you aren’t just letting your imagination have free reign.
  • Are any pets afraid to enter a room in the building? Animals can be more sensitive than humans.

Take these tips with a grain of salt. Most noises, lights and atmosphere can be explained once you start looking for a logical answer. I think this is why it is so hard to prove the existence of ghosts. There are so many logical answers. Logic is so nice, firm and solid. Meanwhile, everything else is just a feeling, something you could have imagined or something you want to believe in spite of the logical explanation.

I don’t know if anyone will ever find concrete proof of ghosts. But, they keep on trying.

How to Explore a Haunted House

Don’t go alone. It’s safer with an exploring buddy who can call for help if one of you has an accident, like falling through rotten floor boards.

Gather the gear you need: flashlights digital (or film) camera, tripod to set the camera on, extra lights for better photos in a dark house, sound recording device, temperature gauge, notebook and pen. Bring supplies for first aid and cleaning up after the exploring. Consider a back up for your camera and flashlight this isn’t the time you want a mechanical problem to keep you from exploring.

Don’t impede your own investigation with alcohol, smoking or long hair. Not drinking alcohol should be common sense. But you should consider the photos you will be using as evidence and make sure you get the cleanest, clearest photos you can. Don’t let stray cigarette smoke or long hair wind up being a ‘ghost’.

Find a place to explore. Get some historical background, talk to others who have explored there and get permission from the property owner. (If you are carrying a bunch of equipment into the house this might be the smarter way to go rather than risk having the police charge you with trespassing).

If you can, make copies of floor plans from the location. This will let you plan the route you will explore so you can make sure you don’t miss a room while you are there. You can also use your floor plan to note the exact area you found any paranormal activity.

Visit the location before you plan to explore it. Make sure you will be able to get in. You may need to contact the owner again for a key. You may find your information is out of date and the house has already been demolished, etc.

Don’t start out expecting to find something haunted, spooky, etc. Try to be unbiased when you explore. Don’t get into scaring each other for fun. If you are serious about detecting paranormal activity, approach the location like a detective or a scientist.


Weird, Unexplained and Paranormal Canada

Paranormal CanadaThere are paranormal explorers all across Canada. Paranormal gets mixed in with everything ghosts. But, paranormal is a lot more than ghosts and haunted houses. In Canada we have a lot more paranormal, unexplained mysteries and mysterious monsters than you may think.

I tried sorting paranormal and ghost hunter links but it became a judgement call based on very little for some groups, researchers and societies. For the links here I read through some of the site’s pages, recent work and blog posts (if there were any). Then I decided whether or not they were truly paranormal in nature. Most were focused on ghosts. I guess that’s where the money is for a lot of them. My heart is with the real paranormal researchers – those who have an interest in the weird, more than just the haunted.

A Paranormal Explorer Needs a Good Camera

One nice thing about a digital camera for paranormal exploring is also a reason I really like the digital camera for exploring in general. – you don’t need to get your film developed. This means you don’t need to spend money on film and developing film. You also don’t need to wait. You can take your camera home, plug it up and see your photos right the same day or evening.

Once you add extra memory to your digital camera you can take all the photos you would ever need from one location. I’ve just bought a new memory card which stores up to 2 gigabytes. I’ve got an older memory card on my back up camera, it only stores 512 MB. Still funny to think of that as only 512 MB. It was a lot of memory at the time I bought that card. (If you want extra memory pick up another memory card and keep it stored safely in your camera bag to switch it out).

Some digital cameras will have a feature which lets you shoot in infrared light, or even low light will help get you something. Flash is not a good option because it washes out everything with bright light for that one instant. To find out if you have infrared on your camera, read the instructions or check the camera manufacturers site for a list of features and how to use them. Most camera manufacturers will have a downloadable instruction guide on their website for each of the cameras they sell/ make.

The new cameras, with more zoom, are becoming bulkier. I bought one for the extra range when I am photographing buildings from a distance. Or, even when I am close to the building itself but want to get close to a feature which is high up or very small. So, for my outdoor work, the bulkier camera with the added zoom is good. You won’t need extra zoom for indoor photos, looking for paranormal activity. You may want to find a camera with a lot of shutter speed. A fast shutter speed means there is very little time between you pushing the button and the camera actually getting the photo. This means you can use a smaller, slimmer camera – which means it is fairly easy to be portable and slip into a pocket or purse. Nice for leaving your hands free when you aren’t actually using the camera.

Dragons Could Exist

I’d like to think dragons could exist. I saved a copy of this years ago, from the source article. 

If it is possible that the Loch Ness Monster may have been one of the last remaining members of an extinct species then the same could be true for the dragon. How else could one explain the remarkable similarity between ancient depictions of dragons and some long-extinct dinosaurs? Well actually, the widely recognized medieval image of the dragon may have evolved from the original serpentine dragon after dinosaur remains were accidentally uncovered in classical Mesopotamia. In ancient Greece, Rome and the Celtic world dragon iconography was much more like that of China. Europe did not convert to the modern, metric dragon until much later on.

But does this alteration of dragon iconography help us determine the origin of the myth? Not really. The dragon, albeit in a more serpentine form, features in the folklore of almost every culture around the world and is synonymous with power, strength, wisdom and often brutality. The ancient civilizations of Central America even worshiped flying serpent gods, going so far as to make blood sacrifices in their honour. The serpent cults of Eastern Europe and Central Asia may once have done the same for their own dragon icons too. Clearly this reptilian obsession is as old as mankind itself.

But does this mean that dragons are nothing more than a distant memory from our primordial past? The people of medieval Europe and Asia clearly thought otherwise. To them dragons were everywhere, hiding in the cave down the road, burning down churches and eating their children. It was believed that the far off lands of the East were abound with the fire breathing brutes.

Are we to take these stories literally? Many scholars believe that dragons are nothing but a metaphor for evil and pagan ritual, but while this may be true of some Christian folklore there is much evidence to suggest that the monsters these people were so afraid of were not merely ideological in nature.

In the Far East, of course, dragons have entirely different connotations. There they are considered to be creatures of great wisdom and spirituality. They are associated with the elements of water and air, rather than fire. The gods are said to have descended from the sky inside the belly of a dragon. Legend has it that Emperor Huang Ti also ascended to the stars aboard a dragon drawn chariot. This, says UFOlogist Hartwig Hausdorf, is evidence that dragons were not living creatures at all, rather some kind of alien spacecraft.

Source – 5 Mythical Creatures That Could Exist – Weird Worm.