Unexplained Ontario

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  Space travel... a great way to see the world.
The paranormal, unexplained and mysterious in Ontario, Canada. I've been curious about the strange, the unknown and the mysterious from my earliest days of reading about the paranormal in the Toronto Star newspaper. I once kept a scrapbook with newspaper clippings, articles ripped out of magazines and notes with my own thoughts about each of them. But, I moved often and the book was lost along the way.

One of the events from my scrapbook which most haunts me is a girl who was mysteriously picked up and then thrown down again, killed in the schoolyard. I don't remember details, like where it happened, or who she was. But it was real, and it was unexplained.

I don't fear the unknown but I do respect that its out there. I think there is a lot we don't know yet. We know so much which was unexplained, mysterious and scared our ancestors. In time we will be the ancestors of people who know more than we do. But, this is where we are and speculation, theories, and mysteries are what we have to work with.
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